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About Us

At Tec-source we believe that we are only as good as the people who represent us. It is important to us that we get the best candidates to help our Client’s meet their challenging targets. We don’t employ sales people, all our resource team are from a trades and technical background which we feel gives us a greater understanding of our clients needs and leads to a better service delivery. Equally our team are not incentivised for the number of candidates they actively place or have sales targets to meet. We believe incentive based targets can compromise our aim of providing only the best possible candidates for our Client’s.

 We endeavour to make the process of engaging temporary labour for our Client’s as effortless as possible. As well as the standard checks for eligibility to work we have seen an increase in security vetting procedures that must be completed before access can be gained to the work place. We feel that this administrative burden should not be placed on our clients. We see this as an ideal opportunity to alleviate the stress that the security forms bring and let our clients focus on the their real day to day activities.

No one likes paper work and that includes the candidates who are presented with a multiple page security application. All our candidates are invited into our offices where we assist them with the security questionnaires. We take the time to engage with the security vetting agency’s so we fully understand the information they require to enable us to guide our candidates through the process with the minimum of effort. It is this attention to detail that has prompted positive feedback from the security teams on the quality of applications received from our people.

With the regular changes in employment law we constantly review the new regulations to assess if this will impact on our clients and provide them with detailed information on the new regulations to allow them to make an informed decision and ensure that we are all operating within the legislation. Being members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) gives us access to the latest changes in legislation and allows us to ensure that all candidates are lawfully engaged and treated fairly.

We also believe in open and honest dialogue with our candidates as well as our Client’s. We give each candidate as much information as we have on the placement regarding rates and duration to allow them to decide if it meets their needs.  We don’t make false promises just to get someone on board.

We also assist our candidates with updating their training to meet the site specific requirements.

For the people that matter, our Client’s and candidates, we want to make the experience of working with Tec- source an enjoyable one.